7 Unique Nightstand Ideas

Who said you had to use an ordinary bedside table as your nightstand? You can bring a lot of interest and a great, homey feel by playing up the unusual nightstand look — just look at the one above! Who would have thought that 3 vintage suitcases you could probably pick up from your grandparents’ home or a local flea market could bake a suitable nightstand? Here are 6 other unique nightstand ideas:

Old Trash Bin

Like the industrial look? Consider using a retro trash bin that matches your high mattress level!

Unique Nightstand Ideas Alternatives

Rustic Step Ladder

I’m loving the look of this rustic step ladder, which could provide additional shelving/storage space you wouldn’t otherwise enjoy with the first two options.

Unique Nightstand Ideas Alternatives

Shelves on Wheels

Maybe consider one of the 2 below storage stands on wheels! A great way to turn your nightstand into a multi-functional piece of furniture.

Unique Nightstand Ideas Alternatives

Unique Nightstand Ideas Alternatives

Treasure Chest

 My first college roommate actually used a chest as her nightstand when we lived in the same dorm room. It adds a fantastical quality to your living space!

Unique Nightstand Ideas Alternatives

Look Ma, No Hands!

If you could get an L-shaped unit like this one below and install it onto a wall yourself, you could save yourself some much needed floor space! It can really open up a room.

Unique Nightstand Ideas Alternatives

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