Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Repurposed Gifts for the Home

We know what you’re thinking: this is an entire Holiday Gift Guide about re-gifting. Don’t worry — while we can all agree that over the years we’ve accumulated a ton of crap that we will never use, this post is not about giving that junk away for the holiday season. Instead, we’re encouraging everybody to either buy a repurposed or upcycled gift or to make one for the holidays.

Instead of shelling out the big bucks for the latest equipment, think meaningfully. Gifts that have been upcycled or repurposed into something will have more heart than a new iPad (though the iPad would be much appreciated, too). If you’re already done with holiday shopping this year, think about the small gifts to give a coworker, a Secret Santa, or a host of a holiday party you are attending. This list of 10 repurposed and upcycled holiday gifts for the home may get the wheels turning.

1. Stained Glass Picture | Urban Outfitters

stained glass picture for repurposed gift guide

If you’re feeling artistic, this is the perfect present to spend some time on. Take scenic pictures and turn them into what will look like a stained glass window!

2. Ladder Shelf | DIY Enthusiasts


Who doesn’t need extra shelf space? No one. Give a refurbished step ladder as a practical wall accent.

3. Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispensers | Etsy

jack daniels

This gift is for the manly man in your life. Turn used Jack Daniel’s bottles into soap dispensers for a man cave’s bathroom.

4. Salt Shaker Ornament | Leslie Janson: Etsy

repurposed salt shaker ornament for repurposed gift guide

This ornament is just a cute little something to give to a host of a party or a Secret Santa at work. Upcylced from a salt shaker, the ornament looks like it can sprinkle sparkly snow dust everywhere.

5. Wine Cork Coasters | Etsy

wine cork coasters for repurposed gift guide

This is a perfect repurposed gift to give to a holiday host. Coasters made from wine corks are adorable and sensible  for every party.

6. Tea Wreath | Dollar Store Crafts

Tea Wreath for Repurposed Gifts

This is an easy and fun gift to give out at the office. A tea wreath is perfect to give to all the tea drinkers in your life who love a variety of teas.

7. Lace Candle Jars | We Heart It

Mason Jar Candles for Repurposed Gift Guide

Candles are the “easy-way-out” gift, but not when you’ve created them from scratch. Take lace and wrap them around Mason jars for a vintage look that is stunning when the candles are lit.

8. Mason Jar Picture | Wedding Discuss

Mason Jar Picture For Repurposed Gifts

Speaking of Mason jars (they are handy, aren’t they?), this is an awesome project for anyone who likes pictures. Put a picture into a Mason jar and fill it with olive oil for a retro looking photo display.

9. Dry Erase Calendar | Seeley Family Blog

dry erase calendar

Practicality is key yet again. For a busy loved one, take the time to create a calendar out of paint samples. The dry-erase feature will make it easy to keep the calendar for a long time, and you can mix up the colors any way you like.

10. Picture Wheel | Junkyard Dogs

Picture Wheel for Repurposed Gift Guide

Believe it or not, this used to be a bicycle wheel. Give a loved one the gift of an upcycled photo arrangement. Wouldn’t it be thoughtful to start it for them?


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