8 Inspirational Wall Decals For Your Home

Many homes today feature wall decals. These items come in many different forms which range from life-sized photos of celebrities to colorful art pieces. One of the most popular forms though of these home wall decals are ones that feature inspirational quotes due to their creative fonts and motivational messages. However, some might still be a bit skeptical to put these adhesive items on their walls. Will they install easily on the wall? Do they leave behind a sticky residue? This article will explore more behind wall decals and some of the top products to consider investing in.

What are Wall Decals?

Wall decals are pictures or sayings that can be applied to a wall to make it look as if it has been painted or stenciled on it. They need to be stuck to a smooth surface in order to stick well and usually only come in one color design although this can sometimes range depending on the type you buy.

How are Wall Decals Made?

Wall decals are typically designed out of vinyl or PVC plastic and then cut with either a laser or vinyl cutter to help with precision. One side then has an image printed on it while the other has a light adhesive glued to the back which allows you to stick it to the wall.

How to Apply Wall Decals

These items are somewhat easy to install as most of them only require you to peel back the transfer film and then stick the decal on the wall. However, you still need to be careful, because if applied too quickly, it could leave behind some bubbling or creases. Below are some steps you can use to help ensure the installation process goes well.

Pick the Area You Want to Apply the Decal To

The first thing to do before installing any wall decal is to brainstorm about the spot you want to apply the decal to. This can help you not only check to make sure it will fit, but make sure you find the right design and fonts for that space.

Test it Out

After picking the area you want to apply the decal to, you’ll want to test it out. You can hold it up to the wall while it’s still in its packaging to get an idea of how it will look. This way, if something isn’t right, you can replace it or find a different space to install it in.

Clean the Area

Before you install the wall decal, wipe the space off with a damp cloth. This will help to remove any dust, dirt, or hidden residue on the wall that might affect the look of the decal or even prevent it from sticking to the surface well. However, make sure the surface is completely dry when you apply the decal or it could dissolve the adhesive.

Carefully Remove the Transfer Paper

Once you’ve picked the space to apply the decal to, it’s then time to work on the actual installation. Remove the decal from its packaging and then carefully pull off its transfer paper. It’s extremely important to be gentle when doing so as pulling the paper off too quickly could result in tears or the adhesive parts sticking together.

For best results, keep the decal on a flat surface, such as a table, and then peel it off. This way, you’ll be able to do so slowly and without obstacles in the way.

Apply the Decal to the Wall and Smooth it Out

After removing the transfer paper, you can then apply the decal to the wall. Sometimes faint pencil marks are ideal to place on the wall to help ensure the decal is evenly applied in the right spot.

When the decal has been applied to the wall, gently take your hand and smooth it out or do so with another tool, like a credit card or firm piece of cardboard. This will help to prevent bubbling and creases from occurring.

Some products will come with their own installation process which is usually written out on a guide. It’s important to use this if it does as it will make sure you install that specific wall decal properly.

Benefits of a Wall Decal

So, why should you buy a wall decal? What benefits will it bring to you? Surprisingly, these items have quite a few benefits.

They are Decorative

For those who are looking for a way to help decorate a space in an interesting way, wall decals are perfect. This is because they come in a variety of styles and sizes which will not only help to accessorize the room, but do so in a very unique manner.

They are Affordable

If you want to decorate a room but do so on a budget, these items are ideal as they are very affordable. While some might come with a high price tag, most are very budget-friendly making them easy to invest in.

You Can Install Them in Any Room

Wall decals can be installed in practically any room, including bathrooms. This makes them a very versatile product.

They Make You Feel Better

Motivational and inspirational sayings have an amazing ability to change the way you

feel about life. If you need a shot of motivation, place the decals in an area where you can easily see them. You can also make your own custom decals. If you need more ideas, check out these inspirational messages you can write on your decals.

They are Durable

Surprisingly, wall decals are very durable. In fact, most can last for up to ten years before they start to peel or fade slightly. They are also made of high-quality materials, like vinyl, which can withstand tears or scratches.

They Don’t Leave Behind Marks

Another great benefit about wall decals is that they don’t leave behind marks, even with their sticky adhesive backing. This makes them great for those who don’t want to worry about having to scrub walls or repaint an area if they decide to remove them.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wall Decal

Before investing in a wall decal you’ll want to consider a few things to ensure you buy the right one for your needs.

The Size

Wall decals come in various sizes which means you’ll find many options to choose from. Some will be very small and only cover a short section of a wall, while others will be somewhat large and cover most of the surface. Because of this, it’s important to consider the size you want for the room you plan to install one of these items in.

The Style

In addition to the size, you’ll also want to look closely at the style. Wall decals will feature many different types of fonts and pictures which range in their design. It’s a good idea to keep this aspect in mind to ensure that you find the right design for the room you want to keep the decal in.

If it Leaves Behind Residue

Because it needs an adhesive to stick to the wall, wall decals will be a little sticky. However, they should not leave behind a residue which can ruin the wall’s look. Due to this, it’s very important to make sure that the residue applied to the back of the wall decal doesn’t leave behind a sticky mess.

If It’s Waterproof or Heat-Resistant

Another good thing to consider is if a wall decal is waterproof. This can be an important aspect to look for if you plan to install it in a room like a kitchen or bathroom as it will prevent the decal from bubbling, fading, or even peeling off of the wall due to water damage.

In addition to a decal being waterproof, it’s also important to check if it’s heat-resistant, especially if you plan to install it in a bright and sunny spot. Sunlight can cause the vinyl or PVC material to melt or fade due to overexposure. To help prevent this, make sure the wall decal is somewhat heat-resistant.

The Installation Process

While these aren’t necessarily difficult things to install, sometimes they can be. Some products might require you to install sections piece-by-piece which might take some time. On the other hand, some might be as simple as removing a piece of transfer paper off from its back. It’s a good idea to consider how difficult the installation process might be for a wall decal to ensure it doesn’t take more time or effort than you think.

You might also want to check to see if it comes with an instructional pamphlet or video. These can help you visualize how to install the wall decal better.

Motivational Wall Decal Product Reviews

ANBER “Ability, Motivation, and Attitude” Wall Decal


This vinyl wall decal by ANBER is made with an inspirational quote that focuses on your ability, motivation, and attitude. It comes with fancy black fonts which make it perfect to install in all types of rooms. The decal measures 57 x 46 centimeters and is very easy to install thanks to its peel-away transfer film. However, you do need to be a bit careful as sometimes the letters might have creases in them which can give the decal a bubbling effect if not installed correctly. The adhesive on the back is strong enough to hold onto the wall for up to six years and will leave no residue behind if removed.

CustomVinylDecor Helen Keller Quote Decal


This CustomVinylDecor decal has an inspirational message by historical figure Helen Keller about seeing things with your heart. The decal will fit in all rooms types, especially bedrooms or living rooms, and comes in a creative design that features a mixture of different fonts and sizes which is sure to catch the eye of those who visit the room. This decal is designed out of a durable vinyl material and has a shiny matte finish. It also can be customized with its many color choices which include lilac, beige, and dark red. This product is an affordable option although it might be a little big. So, if you prefer a small decal for your room, this might not be the right choice.

ViaVinyl “You’re Beautiful” Decal


The ViaVinyl “You’re Beautiful” Decal is ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms. It’s a small option and measures 13 x 2 inches. The decal features a black cursive font which gives it a stunning modern look. In addition to this, the vinyl material it’s made out of is designed to be very durable so there’s no need to worry about it peeling or tearing after a few months. The font is also very bold, unlike some similar products, so the words won’t look faded. This product comes with installation instructions as well as some tools you can use to help apply it.

Imprinted Designs Wall Decals “Your Attitude” Inspirational Wall Decal


This wall decal by Imprinted Designs Wall Decals has a motivating quote about how one’s attitude determines their direction in life. This quote is written with two fancy fonts that feature an arrow design running through the words. While a bit pricey, this option is made with high-quality materials and features an industrial Lutema self-adhesive on the back to ensure it sticks to the surface it’s applied to. This adhesive is very strong, but will leave no residue behind if removed. The vinyl is also waterproof so if you want to install it in a space that might come across some water on the walls, like a kitchen or bathroom, this is safe to put in it. This decal can be used both indoors and outdoors and measures 23 x 23 inches.

Newclew “Number of Breaths” Wall Decal


The Newclew “Number of Breaths” Wall Decal features a deep black font with a quote of how life is not defined by the amount of breaths we take, but the beautiful things in life that leave us amazed. This affordable wall decal measures 22 x 12 inches and is made with a durable PVC material. The decal can last for up to ten years indoors and seven years outdoors. It can be applied to any type of hard surface, including doors. This option is removable and will leave behind no residue if you decide to take it down. However, instructions don’t come with it so the installation process might be a little tricky for some.


Imprinted Designs Wall Decals “Today is a Good Day” Decal


Another decal option to consider installing on your wall is this one by Imprinted Designs Wall Decals which encourages you to be more positive every day. Measuring 19 x 23 inches, the decal has a handwritten font which will look good in almost any space. The decal is constructed out of vinyl and has a tough Lutema self-adhesive on the back to ensure it sticks to the wall. However, despite its strong adhesive, no residue will be left behind if you decide to remove it. This option is also waterproof and heat-resistant so there’s no need to worry about it melting if left in a hot or sunny spot. The decal comes with instructions to help make the installation a bit easier.

Delma Positive Wall Decal


This wall decal by Delma features a happy and positive message which inspires you to always have hope, love, and smile. The decal uses a variety of different fonts and bolded words which help to place emphasis on certain aspects of this motivational message. This decal measures 2 x 3 feet making it a large option and ideal for those who want something that will cover a good portion of a wall. However, the installation process can be a little tricky despite there being a YouTube video that will walk you step-by-step through it. So, if you don’t want to spend much time installing a wall decal, this might not be the best option.

Wall Decor Plus More “Can’t Control the Winds” Decal


This wall decal has a nautical-inspired quote that encourages you to stay strong through adversity. It features a bold black font that has a mixture of cursive and plain fonts. It measures 7 x 36 inches and has a matte finish which gives it a shiny look. This die-cut decal is removable, but is not reusable. It’s also not ideal to use on textured walls as the adhesive might not stick very well to it. It can be easily installed to a wall although it’s best to use a hard object, like a credit card, to keep it smooth once it has been applied.

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