The 10 Best Stationery Brands You’ll Just Love

It seems as though the old tried-and-true method of written communication is getting a makeover these days with greeting card and stationery brands & companies popping up left and right – but we are not complaining! Snail mail is making a comeback via the talented artists and designers creating clever and quirky sayings, which is typically coupled with beautiful hand lettering and illustration. Not only do these designers handle cards and notepads, but many tackle all things paper from coasters to wedding invitations! Here are the top stationery companies you need to keep on your radar for the next time you decide you’re feeling nostalgic, want to break out your fountain pen and lick that seal.

1. Rifle Paper Co. 

garance dore rifle paper co

Rifle Paper Co. is at the forefront of the paper designing revolution. If not, it’s actually the reason for it. Inspired by vintage art and travel, Rifle’s signature flowers are everywhere on the Internet, and there is hardly a college girl out there without one of their Botanical Notebooks in tow. Founder and creative director Anna Bond is at the top of her game and we are certain that for this company, the best is indeed yet to come.

2. Idlewild Co. 

the 10 best stationary brand youll just love feat image

Previously known as Rocket Ink, Idlewild began humbly at the Renegade Festivals in McCarren Park, Brooklyn, and has worked its way up to one of the most creative talents in the business.  Check out the Idlewild vintage postcards.

3. Sugar Paper LA

sugar paper la The 10 Best Stationary Brands You'll Just Love

A class act in paper goods, Sugar Paper proves you can’t go wrong with a simple design and sophisticated delivery… literally.

4. Oh My Deer Handmades

oh my deer handmades The 10 Best Stationary Brands You'll Just Love

Oh My Deer Handmades is the baby of Chelsea Petaja, wife of popular wedding photographer Tec Petaja, and you may have seen her work floating around Pinterest or possibly even Pharrell’s Instagram!  Buy Oh My Deer HandMades at Amazon

5. Ladyfingers Letterpress

ladyfingers letterpress The 10 Best Stationary Brands You'll Just Love

Ladyfingers Letterpress is guaranteed to give the recipient of your card a hearty laugh thanks to their genius puns and idioms that have been carefully illustrated and crafted to a ‘T’.

6. Yours is the Earth

yours is the earth The 10 Best Stationary Brands You'll Just Love

The delectable work of Yours is the Earth brings together the wonders of natural food and design in a way that’s not only fun, but makes us pretty hungry too. Yum!

7. Wildfield Paper Co.

wildfield paper co The 10 Best Stationary Brands You'll Just Love

Newcomer to the paper goods scene, Annie Mertlich started her company in March after participating in the Vintage Whites Market and we couldn’t be happier to add her to our list of artists to be on the watch for! How amazing is the typography on this carefully handcrafted card?

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8. Happy Menocal

happy menocal The 10 Best Stationary Brands You'll Just Love

You may think the title of this company is another cute and whimsical heading, but it is, in fact, the actual name of the artist herself! Happy describes herself as a watercolor and ink artist. As a matter of fact, along with her stationery line, she does commissioned work for Anthropologie and Jonathan Adler (just to name a few). Impressive, we know.

9. Hammerpress

hammerpress The 10 Best Stationary Brands You'll Just Love

Hammerpress letterpress and design studio began by creating album covers and gig posters for local bands and has merged into the world of greeting cards – adding an edgy rock’n’roll vibe to the industry.

10. Meesch

meesch ny The 10 Best Stationary Brands You'll Just Love

Meesch takes the random sayings you say in your head and brings them to life in the form of beautiful type and letterpress. This is another one of those companies who is a triple threat, creating everything from cards to notebooks, and even pillows!

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