Top Material Finishes for a Stylish Home

If it’s been awhile since your home had a style upgrade now is the perfect time to make an investment in your home and make some style changes. There are beautiful and sustainable new ways to make your home look great. So if you’re ready to upgrade your style and improve the functionality and appearance of your home consider some of these on trend material finishes for your home:

Fiber Cement Siding

Updating the exterior of your home is a big investment. But if you invest in the right siding your home will look gorgeous and you will cut down on the maintenance required to keep your home looking great. Fiber cement siding products have the appearance of wood but the durability of cement. So if the siding on your home is faded, or if you’ve started to notice that it’s peeling or cracking in places replace it with natural looking fiber cement siding. Wood siding creates a nostalgic old-world looking façade but it can be difficult to maintain. Fiber cement siding has the beauty of wood siding without the upkeep. It’s resistant to pests and insects and it’s flame resistant too.


Whether you choose a natural color or a rich color like dark green your home will have the charm and rustic beauty of a historic home but won’t have any of the problems associated with wood siding.

Hardwood Flooring

Upgrading your flooring by installing natural engineered hardwood flooring increases the beauty and value of your home. Many people think that hardwood floors are difficult to maintain and susceptible to damage, especially in a household with children or pets. But hardwood flooring that is bolstered with an acrylic top layer will give you the beauty that you want without the risk of damage.

Acrylic finished hardwood flooring is 300% more damage resistant than traditional hardwood flooring. That means that these hardwood floors can stand up to kids and pets and still look fantastic. So if you’ve been wanting to ditch your carpet or laminate flooring for the stunning beauty of natural hardwoods go for it without worrying about damage or stains.

Bamboo Panels

Bamboo panels are sustainable, versatile, and affordable. And they can be used in dozens of ways to make your home more stylish and more comfortable. A great way to use these beautiful panels is to create room dividers with them. The sound dampening panels will absorb noise and are perfect for creating separate spaces in an open concept layout home.

They also are a great way to create an attention getting accent wall in a large space. If you work at home and need a quiet space to work you can create your own unique workspace with natural bamboo panels that will bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your workspace while also reducing the ambient household noise so that you can make calls or concentrate on your work.

Personalized Art

It’s time to ditch the generic home store art. When was the last time you put up a piece of art that really spoke to you? Framed posters and kitschy art make your home look cluttered and clunky. Find some big canvas art decor that you love, or have your own artwork put on a canvas so that you can hang some actual art in your home instead of relying on posters and decals.

Personalizing the art in your home will make your home look Instagram worthy and well curated. It will also make your home a place where you really love to relax and live. It’s your home so don’t be afraid to show off your unique taste in art and furniture.

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