Upcycle This! 7 Ways to Reuse Planters

Now that the holidays are over, it’s safe to say that the warm weather can come back whenever it’s ready. Unfortunately, since we still have a good amount of winter left to endure, we might as well sit tight and start some upcycle projects in anticipation of the spring!

This week, Redesign Revolution is featuring some upcycle projects for your garden. Gardens are a beautiful edition to any home, but what makes them really special are the little trinkets that give it a little charm and character. Planters and pots make a garden pretty, but why not make your garden interesting by upcycling some old things that you may have otherwise thrown out? Check out some ideas on how to upcycle seemingly random things into the perfect planters for your garden this spring!

 1. Stepladder Plant Stand | Gardenista


Do you have an old stepladder you don’t use anymore? Use it to prop up some plants! Mix and match pots and plant holders to give the stepladder planter a little variety.

2. Rain Boots | A Little Something in the Meantime


If you have holes in an old pair of rain boots, don’t worry! It is actually the perfect amount of drainage for a potted plant. Plant some colorful and overflowing flowers in the boots and place them in a garden to add some detail.

3. Baby Jars | Craft-O-Maniac


Instead of recycling baby food jars, upcycle them into a flower wall. Fashion them onto distressed wood and place bright colored flowers along the wall.

4. Wine Corks | Crafts Unleashed


This project is for the city slickers. For all the people who can’t have a big garden, make a small garden by digging fun plants into wine corks.

5. Gutter | Day2Day Super Mom


If you are getting rid of a gutter, they make a perfect planter when mounted on a wall. This picture displays a newly planted gutter, but when they are overflowing with flowers they will make the wall look like a wall full of flowers.

6. Garden Markers | Good Life Eats


Every good garden has labels to differentiate which plants are which. Instead of buying expensive markers, use old spoons and decorate them with illustrations.

7. Painted Tire | DIY Show Off



We all know the old tire planter trick, but spruce it up a bit by painting it a bright color. Hang it on a wall and let the flowers fall!


Featured image via Thinkstock

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